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Mary Sue Dahill is the Founder and CEO of Work Smarter Digital, an all-in-one solution that reduces complexity, streamlines systems, and scales your impact. Mary Sue is a master of creating order out of chaos and hasn’t met a hot mess that she can’t handle.

Mary Sue is the host of CRM Success Secrets and author of The Boutique Effect to help small business owners understand how they can use automation to be more profitable, sustainable, and scalable.

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She doesn’t allow roadblocks to stop her from reaching her goals because she looks for the ways around the roadblock or alternatives to achieve her goals. She is a go-getting problem solver.

Mary Sue believes in the power of thinking smart, using the right tools, and going after your goals.

Mary Sue has a Master's of Science in Management of Information Technology from UVA, a Certificate of Project Management from Stanford University, and a Green Belt in Six Sigma. She has worked in technology startups throughout most of her career. She knows how to take a messy digital ecosystem and streamline it for maximum efficiency. Mary Sue believes in the power of technology to level the playing field for business owners to achieve their dreams and scale their impact.

Mary Sue lives by the Go-Giver code. She is very active in women entrepreneurial groups and gives back by sponsoring women-focused entrepreneur organizations, including Women’s CEO Roundtable, AWE Summit, and Success thru Style Summit.

Mary Sue lives in Arlington, VA with her husband, two teenagers, and two mini dachshunds right around the corner from her parents and mother-in-law.


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At Work Smarter Digital, we're the kind of people who thrive on big goals, big wins, and big profits. That's why we help our customers achieve all three — because your successes make us do a big ol' happy dance.

Our all-in-one software pairs customer relationship management and marketing for a holistic approach to scaling your business, increasing profit margins, and finding more balance in your life.

But that's not all! In addition to our cutting-edge software, we also provide Work Smarter Digital users with high-touch, 1:1 support to turn their grand ideas into actions. Trust us – you won't find that level of support with big-name tech companies that care more about quantity than quality.

Get ready to hit the ground running and see off-the-charts results.

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Work Smarter Digital is a comprehensive solution that reduces complexity, streamlines systems, and increases entrepreneurs' impact.

"I've gone from being overloaded with manual tasks to having my technology operate as an automated assistant that will do everything I ask it to do."

Mary Cravets

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