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Hi, I'm Mary Sue Dahill, the Founder and CEO of Work Smarter Digital. I’m all about empowering business coaches and consultants to streamline their path to six-figure success. As a Certified SaaS OBM and HighLevel expert, I thrive on turning chaos into order!

I’m also the author of "The Boutique Effect" and the host of the fun and informative "CRM Success Secrets" podcast. With a Master’s degree in Management of Information Technology from the University of Virginia and a rich tech startup background, I’m dedicated to leveling the playing field for entrepreneurs and making business growth exciting and achievable.

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Empowering Business Coaches and Consultants to Streamline Success with Smart Strategy, Systems, and Automation!

Do you recommend SaaS tools?

Yes, we do.

We are a HighLevel Agency and Certified HighLevel Admin.

We believe an all-in-one solution like HighLevel is the key to your success as small business.

We've branded it as Work Smarter CRM.

We work with clients on any HighLevel Agency platform and will integrate any software with HighLevel.

"I've gone from being overloaded with manual tasks to having my technology operate as an automated assistant that will do everything I ask it to do."

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