ADA Compliance & Web Accessibility

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Everyone  should be able to enjoy   your website , regardless of ability!

By streamlining accessibility, Work Smarter Digital's solutions empower businesses of all sizes to take the inclusive approach and comply with ADA & WCAG.

Inclusivity for everyone

AI Powered Compliance

Simple & easy compliance


Our  vision:   to make the internet accessible, inclusive & equitable

We live our lives online. It’s where we read the news, order groceries, and connect with people. But 20% of the population has disabilities that exclude them from using it. Work Smarter Digital's goal is to make the online world inclusive. It's about time!


An Automated  Web Accessibility Solution 

Powered by AI

Work Smarter Digital's accessibility solution is a game-changer in web accessibility, simplifying and streamlining the process of becoming accessible and compliant using AI, machine learning, and computer vision.


Here’s how accessWidget  works

accessWidget utilizes two applications that work together to remediate your website. The accessibility interface is responsible for the UI and design-related adjustments, while the AI-powered process handles the complex requirements - optimization for screen readers and keyboard navigation.

You may use the accessWidget on most website platforms.

Content Adjustments

Color & Display Adjustments

Navigation Adjustments

Screen-Reader Adjustments

Keyboard Navigation Adjustments

24/7 Automatic Maintenance

So what's the cost of Work Smarter Digital's accessWidget?

We think peace of mind is priceless.

Work Smarter Digital's accessWidget is $699 annually. Given everything that it does to get your website ADA Compliant and stay compliant, there is no question this is a deal!

When you compare it to 3 hours of an Attorney's time to respond to a web accessibility law suit, $675 is incredibly reasonable.

For current clients, the cost is $499 annually.

15% off through December 31st & 2023 Tax Credit!

Use code ADA23 and save!


Thanks to AI, web accessibility  at scale  is finally a reality!  

By leveraging machine learning, we are revolutionizing how websites are made accessible. Our technology enables us to take a scaleable approach to web accessibility in a business-friendly way, from auditing and testing to remediation.

Together with the disability community, we make the possibility of an accessible internet a practical reality.


Web Accessibility without the headache and pocketbook friendly.

You may be eligible for an annual tax credit to offset the cost of being ADA Compliance.

Still have questions?

What is accessWidget’s AI processes?

accessWidget uses two AI engines. The first, "Computer Vision,” is used to analyze and describe images, while the other, "Contextual understanding,” is used to learn the purpose and functionality of elements.

Do I have to be using the Work Smarter CRM?

No! The accessWidget works on most website platforms and you do not need to use the Work Smarter CRM.

Can accessWidget enable users with disabilities to use my website?

Absolutely! accessWidget is being used by over a million users with disabilities on hundreds of thousands of websites every month!

Can accessWidget help mitigate legal risk?


How long does the process take?

accessWidget’s AI-powered process takes up to 48 hours from the initial installation. The longer accessWidget is on your site, the more accurate it is and the faster it can catch content.

Is there anything accessWidget does not address?

accessWidget does not automatically create captions for videos nor remediate PDF or SVG formats as part of the standard subscription.

How does accessWidget differ from web accessibility plugins?

There are dozens of web accessibility tools for free that cover about 20% of the requirements. accessWidget is the leading accessibility solution powered by AI and backed by a team of hundreds of people and leading venture firms.

What disabilities does the Work Smarter Digital accessWidget cover?

Work Smarter Digital's accessWidget adheres to WCAG 2.1 Level AA requirements, including a wide array of disabilities. Some noteworthy are blindness, motor impairments, and various visual and cognitive disabilities.

What level of compliance is required?

The recommendation is that your website comply with the WCAG 2.1 Level AA requirements. Our accessWidget will get your website to this level of compliance. The two exceptions are PDFs and video transcripts.

What is not covered by Work Smarter Digital's access Widget?

Our solution does not generate video transcription or make a PDF downloadable ADA compliant.

>> Move video tools like YouTube and other offer transcription.

>> We can make critical PDF files accessible on a paid project basis.

Can I do this on my own?

Please read our blog post on Website ADA Compliance Checklist. The laws are constantly changing and without a visible Accessibility Statement on your website you are leaving yourself open to law suits.

Tell me more about the pricing.

Pricing is based on the number of website pages being under 1000 pages and website traffic. Traffic is based off 6 month intervals after you sign up and will be applied to your next annual payment.

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