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From Setup to sales in  30 days

From Setup to Sales in 30 Days

March 19, 20242 min read

Unravel the secrets of swiftly transitioning to an all-in-one CRM. In this ambitious 5-part journey, discover why a 30-day migration timeline is crucial—it cuts costs, forces tough decisions, and instills urgency. Learn to create a migration plan, prioritize systems for migration, and make connecting all your tech a breeze.

Worried about timelines?

Fear not, as we delve into why migrating in 30 days is achievable, sharing insights on house cleaning, budgeting, and tackling unexpected hiccups. Tune in for a comprehensive guide to streamline your systems for optimal efficiency and success in the realm of CRM. 🚀


Episode 1: Why Go From Setup to Sales in 30 Days?

Welcome to CRM Success Secrets, your guide to streamlining your systems into an all-in-one CRM. In this series, we'll tackle the challenge of making the switch in less than 30 days. Sound ambitious? That's the plan! Let's discuss why this tight timeline is crucial—it cuts costs, forces tough decisions, and instills urgency. Stick around for the series, and we'll walk you through the steps to achieve this ambitious timeline.

Episode 2: Migration is Easy with a Plan

In Episode 2, we dive into migration plans. Don't let the term intimidate you! A migration plan is simply getting organized. We'll guide you through creating a list of priorities: what's being consolidated, where your contacts are, and what systems or automations you want to rebuild. It's all about making a game plan, so stay tuned for the details!

Episode 3: Systems to Migrate First and Why

Episode 3 is all about demystifying the process. We discuss which systems to migrate first and why. Spoiler alert: it's simpler than you might think. We'll prioritize the top 5 systems that most coaches and consultants usually have. Get ready to streamline and clean house in this crucial step!

Episode 4: All-In-One CRM Makes Connecting All the Dots Easy

In Episode 4, we make consolidation a breeze. Worried about connecting your systems into an all-in-one CRM? Fear not! Most clients make the switch in less than 30 days, and so can you. This time, we're talking about the super-simple steps to connect your website and any other tech you're using. It's all about replacing forms, timing things right, and making those connections seamless.

Episode 5: Migration Timeline - How Can This Possibly Take 30 Days?

Our journey wraps up with Episode 5, where we spill the beans on the Migration Timeline. Does the idea of migrating in 30 days sound like a unicorn? Well, it's not! We're here to tell you it's very doable. From cleaning house to budgeting for a few extra months, we'll discuss how to make this ambitious target a reality. Tune in for the grand finale of our 5-part series! 🚀

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Mary Sue Dahill

Mary Sue Dahill is an Automation Expert, Hot Mess Tamer and author of The Boutique Effect. She helps ambitious entrepreneurs eliminate the overload from marketing gimmicks and too much technology that creates work and doesn’t convert. Mary Sue recalls the constant barrage of must-do marketing tactics to grow your list, get more leads, and convert more clients that never seemed to work. They were hugely time intensive and weren’t successful without a significant ad spend. After trying and failing at the complicated marketing tactics, Mary Sue said enough was enough! She stopped the insanity by shifting her approach from quick fixes and dreams of passive income to focusing on building real relationships. She has had much more success with this approach, feels far less salesy, and now teaches her strategies to her clients. With 20 years of technology management background, Mary Sue helps entrepreneurs build relationships in an authentic way without working nights and weekends because she helps them work smarter with technology. Mary Sue offers an all-in-one CRM solution and teaches her boutique methods to her clients to quickly go from scrambling for clients to a pipeline full of higher paying clients. Mary Sue is a proud mom of two college students and totally obsessed with her two mini dachshunds.

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