Get Better Results

Your CRM has the answers. Let me show you how.

A End of Year analysis of your sales & Marketing Success to get better results in 2022.

Because Numbers Don't Lie. Stop spinning your wheels.

Thursday, January 13th from 1 - 3:30p ET / 10a - 12:30p PT


  • Real-time analysis of your numbers

  • Action Plan Workbook

  • 4 Planning Sessions: Actively Selling, List Building, Connect & Engage, and Technology

  • Digital copy of The Boutique Effect book

  • BONUS material


  • Get Better Results Action Plan

  • Assessment of your sales and marketing

  • Expert advise


(All times in EST)

1:00p - Opening Remarks & Ice Breaker

1:15p - Introduction to the Get Better Results Assessment

1:30p - Guided Self-Assessment Time

2:00p - Pillar 1: Selling

2:20p - Pillar 2: List Building

2:40p - Pillar 3: Connect & Engage

3:00p - Technology

3:20p - Sharing & Closing Remarks

Can you relate?

  • Have you run sales promotions that didn't bring in the revenue you hoped?

  • Hosted events that didn't seem to draw in the number of attendees you wanted?

  • Do you struggle with getting traction and scrambling for every client?

I get it becuase I've been there!

You're an ambitions business owner and have put in a lot of time and effort into your business, but aren't getting the traction you deserve. You feel like you are spinning your wheels and it's enough already.

You want to take a hard look at what is actually working and make a plan based on facts not feelings. You want to avoid spending time on the latest marketing gimmick or tactics that don't work.

You want to get better results from what is already working in your business.

In Get Better Results, you will evaluate the core pillars of success: actively selling, list building, and connecting & engaging. You will immediately see what's working and what's not working. We will also discuss the importance of technology to your success. Then you will create a Get Better Results Action Plan that gets momentum in your business.

How much longer are you going to stay in neutral? spinning your wheels?

You know that you want to make an impact and build a profitable and sustainable business. You deserve to be successful!

There is no better time than the present.

Being "ready" is a state of mind. It isn't a having the right knowledge or complete preparation or best time. It is about taking action.

Believe in your ability to rise to the occasion.

The Get Better Results event is your way out of taking baby steps towards your goals. It is your way out of feeling stuck. It is your way out of playing small and limiting your impact.

The Get Better Results event is about creating an action plan that builds momentum and traction in your business.

Let's do this together!

Mary Sue & Work Smarter Digital

P.S. - If you are ready to take a big step in the right direction. Book a call here.

In this event, you will learn exactly what's working and what's not in your sales and marketing. You will create an action plan to get better results and wasting time of marketing gimmicks that aren't working. Learn the impact of having the right tech to get traction in your business.

You will discover what changes you should make in your sales, marketing, and technology that will help you CONVERT more clients and stop scrambling for your next client.

Included 4 planning sessions, event workbook, and digital copy of The Boutique Effect book!

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