Last Updated: December 10 2021

Our Mission & How We Work

Work Smarter Digital’s mission is to provide an all-in-one solution and support at an economical price to help solopreneurs and boutique businesses grow. We do this by providing training, support, and done-with-you services.

The goal of this Guide is to ensure that we are all on the same page in terms of expectations and deliverables, in order to ensure the best possible outcomes. We will do everything we can to ensure that your expectations are exceeded and your timelines met, but to do that we need your cooperation. Work Smarter Digital cannot care more about your systems, launches, and client experience than you do.

Work Smarter CRM Support

Work Smarter Digital provides several avenues to receive support. We have a comprehensive video library available that we are continually updating. You may also email your questions to and we will respond via email and usually with a personal video demo. Finally, our unique one-on-one Support by scheduling a 15-minute support call.

  • Email support at

Our goal is to respond to support emails within 24-48 Business hours. The more detail available in your request means the more likely we can respond immediately with a solution. See the Best Practices When Submitting Support Questions for more information on how to receive the fastest, most actionable assistance.

Support Hours

Work Smarter Digital offers personalized support between 9 - 5p ET Monday through Friday for email support. Of course, the video library is available at any time.

Work Smarter Digital closes for specific holidays. We will be monitoring for urgent support issues.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Washington's Birthday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Family Vacation (Notification 1 month prior)
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Thanksgiving Eve - Day After Thanksgiving
  • Final Week of the Year

If you are planning a launch or big changes to your business systems during these holidays, please contact a minimum of two weeks prior to ensure we have a runway to support you. We do charge a $200 holiday fee if implementation work must be conducted over holidays.

Urgent Support Issues

Urgent Support Issues are limited to when the system is inaccessible, website is unavailable, funnels / landing pages are not loading, or other catastrophic issues.

For urgent support outside of those hours, please email with the title including URGENT. You may also text (703) 337-3797 after sending the email with the details. We will respond as soon as possible.

Best Practices

1 - Provide a video recordings of the problem you are experiencing

A video recording of your steps will help us quickly identify missing information, where you are working, etc. There is so much information provided in a recording.

Get the free Loom Chrome Extension to quickly and easy record videos of the problem you are experiencing. Download here:

2 - Be specific about which workflow, email, contact, etc the issue is occurring.

Specify where we can see the issue. Remember, the more detailed the information you provide, the faster we can react with a solution.

3 - Include the steps you followed

Being able to replicate an issue means we can get a solution.

You will be emailed a link to the How We Work Agreement.

Done-With-You Services

Done-With-You Services include expert CRM support time to design emails or landing pages, build funnels or online courses, automate workflows, import and segment contacts, and effectively leverage the Work Smarter CRM in your business.

These services may be included in your subscription or purchased on a project basis.

Service Project Hours

We’ve estimated the average build time for standards services our clients request. You will book our time using the Services Scheduling page. There is more information on how to book and manage the service projects in a later section.

  • Lead Magnet Opt-in Page - 30 minutes
  • Newsletter Designed Email - 20 minutes
  • Workflow with Designed Emails - 90 minutes
  • Workflow with Plain Text Emails - 60 minutes
  • Appointments Buildout - 60 minutes
  • Event, Promotion or Launch - 4 hours (minimum)
  • Other projects are support and hours estimated based on the work

These are average times. If your project requires more content or design work, the time may change. We will let you know once we receive the content if there is a significant discrepancy.

Events, Promotions or Launches

There are several activities that require advanced planning due to the volume of work and complexity that include:

  • 5-day Challenge or variation
  • New group program launch
  • Major event like a summit, conference, or masterclass

It is a good rule of thumb to allow 4-6 weeks of prep time given the amount of content to write, build out of the marketing assets and enough time to generate leads. Download the Launch Planner to help you layout your plan, content, and workflows to be as successful as possible. These projects typically take 4-8 hours.

Work Smarter Digital requires a minimum of two weeks notice for these projects. We can only support three events or launches at a time. We will schedule a one-to-one before initiating work to ensure we understand the strategy and goals.

Subscription Hours

Our Done-With-You subscription includes a set monthly allotment of CRM expert support (3 hrs Implementation & 30 mins Strategy). These are “use it or lose it” hours. When those hours have been exceeded, we will charge $85 per hour for implementation services and $250 per hour for automation strategy. You will be given the option to pause work until the following month, if we’ve worked through your standard monthly hours.

Pay As You Go Basis

When engaging Work Smarter Digital on a per project basis, we will charge $85 per hour for implementation services and $250 per hour for automation strategy. If your project doesn’t fit into our standard services (see Service Scheduling Page), we will provide an estimate of hours in increments of one hour. To get started, you will start with the Ad Hoc Service for $85 for one hour. We will bill the final amount after the project is delivered. Before we go over our original estimate, we will notify you to discuss how to proceed.


Work Smarter Digital

Think of Work Smarter Digital as your implementation team that uses content, images, and strategy to achieve your goals. We will do the build out using your strategy and content based on the schedule you define.

We will test automations, emails, and other assets we build to ensure they function properly and as expected.

If we see misspellings or grammatical errors, we will fix them. However, copy editing is not part of our services. Assume we are using your copy “as-is.”

Work Smarter Digital will consult with you on how best to automate your client experience, use the system to launch a program or event, and build email sequences using the Work Smarter CRM.


You are responsible for your marketing strategy and clearly communicating your goals, project managing deliverables, and creating all content (images, videos, and written content).

Copywriting and copy editing is your responsibility. If we see errors, we will notify you, but that is not part of Work Smarter Digital’s service offerings. Assume we are using your content “as-is.”

We expect you to review deliverables within 2 business days and provide detailed feedback.

Run through the steps your contact or client will follow when we hand over new landing pages, funnels, and workflows to ensure everything is working as you’d expect. Automation is your client experience. We do our best to create a high quality experience, but there is room for interpretation. Testing is important to ensure we’ve properly interpreted your instructions and be able to explain the experience to your clients.

Work Smarter Digital cannot care more about your systems, launches, and client experience than you do.

Done-With-You Service Process

We want you to have the best experience with our done-with-you services. We’ve laid out a process that ensures the best outcome that is both efficient and cost-effective. It is best to think of this process as an assembly line. You complete your portion of the project and hand off to Work Smarter Digital to complete our work on the agreed to schedule.

Service Project Process

1 - Schedule your done-for-you service here.

>> You are scheduling when the work will be completed.

>> If you are scheduling an event, launch or promotion, we will need to discuss it before the scheduling is finalized.

2 - You will receive an email with a link to your Project Folder titled YOUR FULL NAME - WSD Projects.

>> Each Guide includes instructions on what content and imagery is typical for your requested service.

3 - Select the template associated with your service request in the 0. WSD Template Library subfolder.

4 - Make a copy of the Template with a name that reflects the project name and due date.

5 - Move the file into the 1. Active Project subfolder.

6 - Use this document to compose your content and link to images.

7 - Notify that the project content is complete and ready to go.

>> All content must be “publish ready” and not require additional changes. Work Smarter Digital does not write content, create graphics, or edit videos.

>> We prefer handoff 1 day prior to the scheduled service appointment and no later than the scheduled service start time.

8 - When the service project is completed and handed off, Work Smarter Digital will move the Google Document to the 2. Completed Project subfolder.

Work Handoff

Work Smarter Digital will send you an email describing what has been completed and any adjustments made from your instructions with an explanation. We also include a video walkthrough of the deliverables. Our goal is to notify you of the work being completed at the end of the scheduled service time, but we allow up to 24 business hours to communicate handoff.

Delivered Work Review & Approvals

As a new client, we ask that you review and approve all work. This is to ensure that we are understanding one another and building a rapport that works. No email is too small for your review and approval in the beginning.

Once we develop a rapport, we can decide to lighten up on the review and approval for the smaller things and focus on the larger projects.

After a deliverable is handed off, we expect feedback or approval within 2 business days. After 2 business days, the delivered work is considered approved and any changes or adjustments received after 2 or more business days may be subject to additional fees.

We are building and designing work for you. Although, we build what we consider beautiful or perfect, it is your business and your design aesthetic and desired client experience is what is important. We want to know what you don’t like, so we can fix it. We ask that you share your feedback respectfully.

Cancellation & Rescheduling

Service projects that are canceled within 3 days of the scheduled time will be charged. This is time booked for you that cannot be used for other clients.

Content & Imagery Handoff

The content and imagery is provided by you and your prompt delivery is essential. The design and flow of automations are dependent on content and imagery. If we do not receive 100% of expected content prior to the scheduled service time, we will be unable to start the project and will consider the project canceled. You will be charged for the time and you will need to reschedule the service project. When this happens, we cannot guarantee you will be able to reschedule and meet your original timeline.