Plan to reach your goals

An all-in-one Marketing Planner for Solopreneurs that helps you make your business goals a reality.

Is your business One of the best-kept secrets?

Do your clients rave about working with you? Do they praise the transformation you delivered?

But, you are still struggling to keep your pipeline full and hit your revenue goals.

It's becuase your business is a best-kept secret.

Being the best-kept secret in business is a frustrating path to failure and means your marketing isn't working.

The #1 reason most solopreneur businesses fail is becuase they don't have a marketing plan.

The Marketing Planner for Solopreneurs is here to help you define your marketing plan with concrete action steos, so you reach those goals.

A Marketing Planner will get you back to what you love

You are spinning your wheels with your marketing. You are chasing the latest trends, posting what's fun or looks pretty, or not connecting your marketing to your revenue goals.


A marketing planner will stop the endless trend chasing and wheel spinning because you will know how your marketing connects with your ideal client. You will know why you are posting and emailing and how those activities serve your business.

The Marketing Planner for Solopreneurs will help you create a holistic approach to amplify your message and make an impact. It walks you through the steps to evaluate your business and create a marketing plan that makes sense. It doesn't over complicate the process.

This Marketing Planner is specifically created for solopreneurs and includes sections for crucial communications, self-development tools and positive techniques, worksheets on business assessment, content ideas and brainstorming, and several marketing checklists. It is a monthly and weekly execution planner designed to aid you on your entrepreneurial journey.

You will be able to see the big picture of your marketing and how the many small steps you take will accomplish your goals.

It's time to start planning to reach your goals.

Seize the day, Planners!

Consider it like having your own personal assistant ready 24/7 to help you remain on top of your game, prevent getting overloaded, and make every single day count. Every goal, project, idea, thought, or intention has a home.

Marketing planner

for solopreneurs

Business Assessment

  • Quarterly planner
  • Ideal customer
  • Competitor analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • SEO strategy planner

Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing plan
  • Marketing funnel
  • Editorial calendar
  • Social media planner
  • Newsletter planner
  • Marketing ASSESSMENT (Email, Social, Opt-ins and Sales Pages)
  • Content Inspirations - 84+ National Holidays
  • Content Inspirations - 60+ Social Post Ideas
  • Content Inspirations - 40+ Story & Live Ideas

Monthly Planner

  • Monthly Business Schedule
  • Weekly CEO To-Dos List
  • Weekly Marketing Plan
  • Monthly Marketing Tracker
  • Monthly Marketing Assessment


  • 50 Instagram Design Templates
  • Social Post & Video Planning Sheets

Work Smarter SOCIAL is committed to your success

At Work Smarter Digital, we're the kind of people who thrive on big goals, big wins, and big profits. That's why we help our customers achieve all three — because your successes make us do a big ol' happy dance.

Our all-in-one marketing planner pairs business goals and marketing strategy for a holistic approach to growing your audience, making a bigger impact, and getting your business off the ground.

Do you need to revitalize your social posts? We've got 50 beautifully designed social posts.

As an added BONUS, you'll get access to an additional 50 Canva designs for your Instagram post! Wow, isn't that amazing?

Simply customize, copy and paste your social media postings, and you're done. Spend less time and money $$$ on creating social media content and more on social engagment.

When you are ready to do more with your sales & Marketing, We've got the all-in-one CRM solution for you.

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