Mary Sue regularly speaks on leveraging automation and digital tools in a way that simplifies it for those not as comfortable with technology.

She focuses on connecting the dots between your business success, profit and technology.

Mary Sue is the author of The Boutique Effect: For Service-Based Businesses to Work Smarter & Level up is a practical guide to level digital tools and automation to increase profits.

The three key takeaways from The Boutique Effect include the power of being boutique, automation is key to a high-touch experience, and an all-in-one CRM is essential.

The Boutique Effect: Create Raving Fans & Stop Scrambling For Your Next Client

You’ve got leads coming in, clients to take care of, speaking gigs, networking and more. You’re almost at that point where you can hire help, but in the meantime… how do you stay on top of it all while giving first-class service to your clients?

The Boutique Effect is the answer. A unique blend of high-touch, personalized client experiences and leveraging technology and automation will protect your time and make sure your pipeline never runs dry.

In this interactive presentation, participants will learn:

  • The simple keys to being a highly attractive Boutique business

  • The 5 critical elements necessary to create a high-touch experience that consistently generates higher paying clients with less effort

  • One step to simplify it all so you can reclaim your time and sanity!

How to Ditch the Funnels & Work Smarter Instead

Opt-in pages!! One-time offers!! Live Webinars!! Lead magnets! All that tech and endless content creation is enough to drive you crazy. And you have to ask yourself...

Does all that hard work on funnels actually turn into clients? Unfortunately, for most service-based businesses, the answer is NO.

In this interactive presentation, participants will learn:

  • How to know for sure when a funnel is a waste of time for service-based boutique businesses

  • Why focusing on relationship-building and leveraging automation serves your business better than a 37-step funnel any day!

  • A four-step foundational process to generate more clients without wasting time and money on funnels