Mary Sue regularly speaks on leveraging automation and digital tools in a way that simplifies it for those not as comfortable with technology.

She focuses on connecting the dots between your business success, profit and technology.

Working smarter not only saves your sanity, but it will also put more profit in your pocket.

Save Your Sanity! Digital Tools And Automation Are The Key

It’s Sunday night and you’ve been working much of the weekend...again. You realize that by doing everything in your business, you are limiting the ability of your business to grow. How can you change this equation, so you can grow your business, stop working nights and weekends, and love what you do again.

Learn how to save your sanity and turn the tables on your time by understanding how to leverage digital tools effectively in your business.

  • Best time in your business growth to add automation

  • How a CRM & automation will help you build relationships and grow your business

  • The technology you need to supercharge your business

Supercharge Your Business - Secrets To A High-Touch Experience With Automation

Does your business pride itself on providing a high-touch personalized experience? Do you believe there is no place for automation in your high-touch experience? Does providing this experience frequently come at the cost of your sanity? You can create your brand experience that is responsive, thoughtful, and personable with interaction leveraging automation. You can still deliver a highly personalized experience that differentiates your business.

The reality is that your high-touch experience likely has gaps and you are missing opportunities to engage with people because you are slow to respond. In this presentation, you will learn how to create a high-touch experience with automation.

  • Three high-touch experiences you should always get right

  • Must have elements of a high-touch experience

  • Learn how to make your high-touch experience with easier

Sales Shouldn't Be A Three-Ringed Circus! Tame Your Leads With A CRM

Do you have sales follow-up reminder sticky notes scattered on your desk, laptop, and wall? Feel like you could close more clients, if you'd just follow-up with them?

All the hats we wear as a business owner, make it really tough to stay on top of all of our follow-up. That's why we need automation and a CRM to stay on top of those follow-ups for us.

  • Three ways to make follow-up easy and close more clients

  • Learn the secret to creating a high-touch experience with automation